Academy Uniform and Dress Code

Hamilton Academy New School Uniform Coming Soon

From August 2018 students in years 7-10 will be required to wear the new school uniform.

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We believe that the uniform really captures a sense of pride in and belonging to the school, and is both smart and stylish.

I'm sure that you will be pleased to know that we are committed to making our uniform affordable to you. The only specialist items that you will need to purchase are our blazer and tie. Suppliers, 'Academy School Uniforms', will stock these items. All other items are available from local stores/supermarkets. If you are facing financial difficulties, in exceptional circumstances, the school may be able to support you - please contact the school for further information.

All students

All students are required to wear a Academy Blazer and Tie and we are keen to make purchasing the uniform as easy as possible. The best way to ensure that you get the correct fit for your son/daughter is to attend our 'in-school' Uniform Shop event:

Uniform & Dress Code

From Academy School Uniforms:

Hamilton Academy Blazer with Hamilton logo on the breast pocket; dependant on size £27 - £33 PLEASE NOTE, STUDENT'S NAME MUST BE WRITTEN ON THE INSIDE NAME TAB NEXT TO THE SPARE BUTTON

Hamilton Academy Tie £5

From Local Retailers:

Plain black school trousers - these must be plain black and not skin tight. Jeans, leggings or jeggings are not to be worn
OR knee length school skirt - this must be plain black
Plain white, collared school shirt which buttons to the neck. Polo shirts are not acceptable.
Plain black V-neck school jumper (optional)
Plain, all black school shoes
Plain outdoor coat (no leather/leather effect, denim or large logos)


For Safety Reasons

We must be able to see intruders on camera immediately - that's why your son/daughter must wear school uniform and never carry anything that could harm themselves or others


Religious headwear (headscarves, topis, turbans) must be plain black or white with no decoration on them

Make-Up and Hair Styles:

The academy is a professional environment. Make-up must be discreet and kept to a minimum. Hair colour should be within the natural range of colours. Students must not have extreme hairstyles or colours which would be deemed unacceptable in a business environment. Staff reserve the right to deem what is acceptable at Hamilton.


Facial piercings are not allowed. Earrings must be discreet and no bigger than a two pence piece. Pupils are permitted to wear a necklace for religious purposes but this must be kept inside the shirt at all times. All jewellery must be removed for PE. Only school badges should be worn on blazers.

Outdoor Coats:

Students may choose to wear an outdoor coat, fitting to the weather conditions. This should be suitable for a professional environment and must be removed once indoors. Hoodies are not allowed to be worn.

Mobile Phones/iPods or mp3 players

Mobile phones usage is monitored at Hamilton. We follow the following rules:
• Mobiles are only out in lessons if the teacher wants you to use them for your learning;
• Mobile phones/earphones to be put away on entrance to school and straight after break and lunch;
• If you are listening to music, you must use headphones;
• Students must follow Internet Safety Guidance and not use their mobile inappropriately at any time

PE Kit

Students at Hamilton must wear the correct PE Kit. It is expected that students bring and wear PE kit even if, for some reason, they cannot join in a sporting activity. This is because they are still expected to participate in the lesson in a coaching/leadership capacity.

Indoor Outdoor Details
Dark coloured shorts or tracksuit bottoms Hamilton logo reversible sports top available from Academy School Uniforms (optional) Dark colour football socks
Hamilton logo PE top - available from Academy School Uniforms or OR Dark colour shorts or tracksuit bottoms Shin pads
Plain sky blue polo shirt, with a collar Dark colour shorts/bottoms Football boots/Trainers
Socks Rugby shirt (for rugby) Towel
Trainers/Plimsoles Plain sky blue polo shirt, with a collar
Football boots or trainers
Rugby shirt (for rugby) - not essential
Uniform & Dress Code
Uniform & Dress Code