Student Council

Hamilton Student Council:

As a school we believe that:

"Meaningful student involvement is the process of engaging students as partners in every facet of school change for the purpose strengthening their commitment to education, community & democracy." ― Adam Fletcher.

Hamilton Student Council exists to represent the voice of the students, promote their ideas and advocate their views and interests. We recognise article 12 of the UNCRC that states: You have the right to an opinion and for it to be listened to and taken seriously. Our council has a strong voice, contributing to whole school decision making with students. Hamilton's student council is very active, from interviewing our last two principals, to creating a school SEF, building links with Netherhall School and ensuring meaningful opportunities are provided for all our students to take part in.
Aims of the Student Council

We are committed to Hamilton College and our extended community through appreciating diversity and encouraging unity. More specifically we actively encourage the values set out within the framework of British Values: Tolerance and mutual respect for diversity, the rule of law, representative democracy and personal freedoms. We facilitate the organisation of student groups, promote school wide events, foster school pride and communicate student needs. Through our actions, we aim to further student development and academic excellence; to promote integrity and accountability; and to empower students to take an active role in school life.

Specifically we aim to

• Create a positive school atmosphere of mutual respect between staff and students
• Develop and maintain the active political participation of students in the life of our school, inspiring students to become engaged citizens at global, European, National and local levels.
• Help students to develop transferable life skills such as project management, time management and leadership skills
• Represent the views of the students to our school's Senior Leadership Team
• Raise awareness among students of issues in society.
• Establish links with the local community

Our structure:

Hamilton Student Council is made up of representatives across each year group and we meet as separate houses. Meetings are led by house captains and although are facilitated by a lead teacher, students freely set their own agendas and meet in the Exchange with remote supervision. This is more empowering for students and helps to build their leadership and organisational skills.

The Student Council meetings are calendared. Timetabled meetings are arranged to discuss agenda items, collated from each year representative. Please see attached document of current student council reps. Also read our SEF and house minutes. Photographs and constitution coming shortly.

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