Welcome to the Learning and Life Skills Department.

At Hamilton Academy everyone should achieve their very best and feel secure, regardless of their individual needs. Ofsted has recognised the exceptional level of care and support, that SEND students receive.

Our aim in 'Nurture' is to provide opportunities to enhance learners:

  • Social interaction skills
  • Life skills
  • Independence
  • Reading and Spelling Skills
  • Self-esteem

We pride ourselves on the varied curriculum we offer:

  • Writing: Sentences, Paragraphs, Different Styles, Descriptive, Narrative, Producing Leaflets.
  • Spelling: Phonics, Attack, High Frequency Words, Games.
  • Speech and Language: Discussions, Presentations, Role-play.
  • Reading: Comprehension, Information Retrieval, Dictionary work, Inference, Newspaper Articles, Reading Schemes.
  • Numeracy: Telling the time, Calendar- Days/ Months, Money, Times tables, Recognising numbers Writing numbers, Number bonds.
  • Four operations: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division.

We also cover other aspects of the school curriculum.

  • PSHE: Safety , Environment , Rules/Laws , General Knowledge , Cultural Diversity , Citizenship
  • SCIENCE: Human Biology , Myself , Planets , Earth/ Environment
  • HISTORY: Victorians , World War l and ll , Famous Inventors
  • GEOGRAPHY: Maps/ Atlas work , Local Environment , Holiday Brochures
  • RE: Other Religions , Different Cultures , Festivals
  • I.T: Access for information , Research topics , Smart Phonics , Star spell , Presentations
  • Functional Skills: Alphabet , Name/ Address , Days/ Months/ Birthday , Times Tables , Answering phone , Social Skills (Making tea, running errands) , Games


This room is dedicated to one to one work with pupils. Learners follow various programmes designed to support the child's individual needs.

  • Acceleread/Accelewrite - A phonics based multisensory package. Pupils learn phonic progression by means of talking software. This programme helps reading, writing and memory skills.
  • Toe - by -Toe - A multisensory reading phonic approach addressing students with specific needs such as dyslexia.
  • Inference Training - Ideal for students who have a 'good' reading age, but who do not comprehend the text to the same level.
  • All the above programmes have been specifically recommended by an Educational Psychologist

Staffing and Facilities:

There are dedicated members of staff responsible for the Induction Programme. We also have support staff working across several faculties, either giving one-to-one support, or supporting entire groups of students where appropriate.

SEND Reports