House Structure:

The house system at Hamilton College reflects our school vision that 'Every student achieves their very best and feels secure' by fostering a sense of belonging, community, awareness of each other and a sense of being part of a team. Hamilton College is organised into four houses. Each student and member of staff is placed in a house when they join Hamilton and are encouraged to take part in a wide range of inter house activities.

Our Aims:

The house system is designed to encourage students to mix in wider age and friendship groups as well as promoting friendly competition. We want our school community to have a real sense of pride in their house. The house system plays an active role in supporting the pastoral aims of the college.

Hamilton is an exceptional school; however we believe that our house system will enhance:

  • A greater sense of belonging and pride in our school
  • Improved confidence and interpersonal skills
  • Staff relationships with students who will gain an improved knowledge of students' all round performance
  • More opportunities for our students to take responsibility and develop leadership skills, including the opportunity for student leadership within the House system.
  • Greater opportunity for extracurricular participation
  • The variety of activities for pupils which can help students to develop a range of skills
  • A stronger sense of community


Being part of a House also means earning House Points. House Points can mean prizes for both your House and yourself.

There are five categories for achieving house points:

  • Classroom contribution/achievement = 1 point
  • Extra-curricular activities = 5 points
  • Helping others = 5 points
  • Doing the right thing = 5 points
  • Contribution to school life = 10 points

Students may get the chance to gain EXTRA House Points by doing any of the following in lessons: Showing outstanding effort, producing outstanding work, presenting or speaking out loud to the class, reading out loud to the class, acting on targets, paying special attention to spelling and punctuation, handing in outstanding homework plus many more.

Students can earn points for helping out around school, representing the school in sporting or music activities, being part of the School Council and many other activities throughout the year.

All the House Points that students collect go towards their House and, each term, a House Cup is awarded to the winning House. House points can also be cashed in for prizes such as USB sticks, early lunch passes and many other items.
Students can see how many points they have throughout the year by logging into your individual Pupil Rewards Points account, signing in through the Office 365 link -

House News


Our Head of Bradgate House is Mr Thomas.

House Motto:
Altogether, we will succeed.

Bradgate is a public park in Charnwood Forest in Leicestershire. The Tudor House was built in 1499 and it took 21 years to build. The first Brick house of this size. The park still has herds of deer, which probably have been there since medieval times.

Head of House - Ms Ramji
Staff : 7PT - Mr Petrie, 7PK - Ms Kaminska, 8TO - Miss Toon, 8VE - Mr Vekaria, 9CH - Ms Chohan, 9SM - Mrs Smith, 10MN - Ms Mackness, 10PL - Miss Patel, 11RA - Miss Hurst, 11TH - Mr Thomas, Mr Allsop, Mrs Ashton, Mr Clifton, Miss Dodd, Ms Dracup, Ms Kauser, Miss O'Hanlon, Mrs Shortland, Mr Spicer, Ms Wakeling
Achievements: Year 11 winners of the Peace Day football tournament for 2016.

House News


Our Head of Burleigh House is Miss Austin.

House Motto:
If you can dream it, you can do it.

Burleigh Hall was a country house situated near Loughborough in the county of Leicestershire. Its land now forms part of the campus of Loughborough University. Following the demolition of the main house, there are a few remnants of the estate which can be seen around the University campus today.

Head of House - Miss Austin
Staff : 7GI - Miss Girau, 7MY - Ms Murby, 8EM - Mrs Emir, 8WI - Miss Williams, 9HT - Miss Heatley, 9SI - Miss Sahin, 10SK - Miss Skelding, 10MA - Ms Marriot, 11HI - Mr Hill, 11CU - Mr Curtis, Mrs Bates, Mrs Betts, Mrs Davey, Miss Diment, Mrs Keight, Mrs Muthaliff, Mrs Qaussar, Miss Ruane, Mrs Sherriff, Mrs Vegamwala
Achievements: Second place in the Peace Day football tournament in 2015. Winner of Design your own Monster Plant 2016. The winning design was used for the programme for our school production of Little Shop of Horrors. First place for the student gift wrapping challenge 2015. Year 7, 9 and 10 winners of the Peace football tournament for 2016.

House News


Our Head of Bosworth House is Mr. Hill.

House Motto:
Imagine, Believe, Achieve

The Battle of Bosworth is an iconic historical event, the last significant battle of the Wars of the Roses. The civil war between the Houses of Lancaster and York raged across England in the late 15th Century. Fought on 22 August 1485, the battle was won by Henry Tudor. His opponent, Richard III, the last king of the House of York, was killed in the battle, and has recently been dug up from a Leicester car park!

Head of House - Miss Iredale
Staff: 7PO - Mr Popp, 7SU - Ms Suchak, 8GA - Mr Ganatra, 8PR - Mr Partridge, 9MT - Miss Motala , 9DY - Miss Daya, 10AD - Mr Aduh, 10TR - Ms Sahib, 11BC - Ms Drca, 11CM - Ms Comery, Mr Davidson, Miss Hovey, Mrs Loveday, Ms Mamo, Mrs Pattison, Mrs Partridge, Miss Roberts, Mr rogers, Mrs Loaiza-Sanchez, Mrs visavadia
Achievements: Winners of Sports Day 2014/2015 and 2015/2016

House News


Our Head of Beaumanor House is Mr Patel.

House Motto:
T.E.A.M. - Together Everyone Achieves More

Beaumanor Hall is an iconic Landmark situated in Leicester built between 1842 and 1854 for only £37,000. Throughout the war the building was used as a secret listening station to intercept enemy messages. Beaumanor Hall is also one of the coveted venues that has held Hamilton College's school prom

Head of House - Mr Patel
Staff : 7MO - Miss Moore, 7NI - Mr Nightingale, 8SB - Mr Seetulboseea, 8GE - Miss Geary, 9ST - Miss Smith, 9SA - Miss Samrai, 10DN - Miss Dixon, 10BE - Mr Betts, 11FS - Mr Fish, 11CO - Mr Colby, Mrs Brown, Miss Connor, Mr Clifton, Mr Fairclough, Mr Mckinley, Mrs McLusky-Lynch, Miss McGeehan, Ms Parn, Miss Richardson, Ms Taylor, Mr Taylor, Mrs Trigg
Achievements : Winners of the house system 2014/2015 and 2015/2016. Winners of the Enterprise day 2014/2015 and 2015/2016. Clean sweep in the first ever gift wrapping challenge and the teachers won it again this year to make it two years in a row. Students won the first ever house challenge (Tower Challenge). Winners of the Peace Day football tournament in 2015. Year 8 winners of the Peace Day football tournament in 2016.

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