Teaching and Learning

"The development of skills for life beyond Hamilton Academy, to allow us to be prepared for the future choices we have to make and for life in Modern Britain."

•PSHE is taught to all pupils at Hamilton Academy, once a week by a team of staff dedicated to the engagement of pupils on issues such as Relationship and Sexual Education (RSE), personal safety and health and wellbeing.
•PSHE is taught through a range of teaching styles that accommodate different VAK learning styles and allow pupils of every ability to learn alongside each other.
•Our PSHE curriculum is designed to fulfil the NC guidelines and offer an opportunity to discuss, consider, question and debate important issues whilst developing skills to assist the study of other subjects across the Hamilton Academy curriculum


•SMSC is covered within our PSHE curriculum, offering pupils an opportunity to engage with their Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural education. They have met with representatives from the Police and the Armed forces, Elvis from the Hope Orphanage, Ghana, Chelsea's choice (drama production) and engaged with the student council on issues such as road safety.
•Literacy is embedded into the teaching of PSHE, exposing pupils to a range of media sources, and encouraging a range of different reading and writing styles, with a particular focus on speaking and listening, and literacy skills in IT rooms.
•RSE is taught in conjunction with the Science faculty to ensure Hamilton College pupils are given the appropriate and necessary information about relationships and sexual activity to help inform their future decisions. Our highly trained staff with RSE qualifications have helped develop the RSE curriculum. Issues such as HIV, Rape and sexual relationships are taught alongside marriage, domestic violence and divorce.

Staffing and Facilities

PSHE is taught by a team of teachers, HLTAs, instructors and planned by a PSHE specialist who develops SOW, lesson resources and offers training for the PSHE faculty to help ensure well taught, good quality PSHE lessons. The faculty follows the same behaviour policy as the rest of the school, and expects good behaviour and participation from all pupils in PSHE lessons.

The PSHE faculty teach in a range of teaching spaces, including IT rooms and classrooms offering the chance to use a range of technology in PSHE lessons, including Interactive Whiteboards, Digital Visualizers and other technologies.

PSHE Faculty