Visual Performing Arts

Teaching and Learning

Staff within the Visual & Performing Arts Faculty, are continually encouraging pupils to find value in working with other students through the Arts Process and the enrichment and experiences which we can offer. It has always been our aim to foster and develop a atmosphere conducive for learning, where students feel secure and motivated.

The Visual & Performing Arts Faculty is a highly dynamic and progressive curriculum area of the academy, comprising of the subject areas Art, Drama & Music. Each area has specialist subject teachers, with a Head of Faculty leading this high achieving Arts Faculty. All KS3 students receive one period of each subject per week and have the opportunity to take Drama, Music or Art as a KS4 option.

As part of an 11-16 entitlement for the Arts, the progression for students must convey progression and 'in depth' development of skills. A KS4 curriculum review needs to consider the provision for student progression and as a result provide a wide and varied range of subject options for student choice.

At the end of KS3, students need to receive substantial support in making sensible choices for their remaining KS4 education. The Performing & Visual Arts courses on offer are challenging, rewarding and provide natural progression from their KS3 experiences.

All our courses contain some form of formal assessment - Btec & GCSE - and students are encouraged to achieve and realise the value of success at examination level.


The Little Shop of Horrors

This year ran a school production for the first time in 17 years! This year's show was 'Little Shop of Horrors' and ran March 1st, 2nd and 3rd. The show involved a wide range of students in a variety of roles; performance based, tech based, stage crew, marketing, etc., including some who might otherwise not be involved.

Rehearsals for the show ran weekly after school, some weekends and for a 2 day 'residential' in half term in the lead up to the show. A matinee performance was put on for our neighbours, Netherhall, developing our already strong bonds with our their staff and students.

Our primary goal in putting on a school production was to enrich pupils, to develop family bonds in support of our house system and its' ethos, whilst developing Music, Drama and Arts based skills of students in both a vocational and academic context.

The students were outstanding as usual and put on a fantastic show!

Please come and see our show next year...votes for which production it will be - COMING SOON!

Music and Drama at Hamilton