The Reach Centre is an anchor point for students where they can trust significant adults to set them 'on the right' lines and help them feel happier and become successful. The Reach Centre has been created to support our students so that there is at least one adult in the school that they could speak to and trust.
The Reach Centre has been established to address the need to reduce the numbers of vulnerable and disadvantaged students and to increase their attendance in learning. The link with attendance and results is well known. With improved attendance, it is the sincere hope of the Governors and staff at Hamilton that the quality of students' lives, their progress and their results improve markedly.
Purposes of the REACH Centre:
• To plan and deliver pro-active and structured guidance sessions to enable individual students to attend school, develop positive personal and behaviour habits, learn effectively and to improve their level/grade outcomes

• To provide a secure environment to help students come to terms with emotional circumstances alongside positive learning activities and enrichments

Outcome aims of the REACH Centre
For students to have....
• a willingness to come to school and achieve full time or part-time in some cases
• a sense of purpose and working towards future ambitions
• understanding, sensitivity and a positive outlook
• the ability to communicate ideas and manage feelings
• helpful communication habits
• good self-esteem and motivation to attend school and take a pride in working hard to achieve their potential and best results
• a work ethic and an enjoyment of learning and achieving goals
• respect for others from different backgrounds
• responsibility for self-care and positive, safe behaviour
• self-reliance and determination to work through difficulties and achieve their potential
• commitment to use resources efficiently, take on challenges and value opportunities made available
• good inter-personal skills to foster positive relationships in school, the home, the community, in further education and the work place
• practical skills and useful routines to secure effective learning and successes
• good organisational skills


The REACH Centre is staffed by experienced and trained staff to work with and support all students on their educational and lifelong journey.
Matt Rogers - Assistant Principal
Cath Bates - Assistant Principal
Hannah Brighton - PASCO
Hugh Young - PASCO
Adilson Hernandez-Evora - PASCO
Molly Lowe-Spicer - PASCO
Monal Pancholi - PASCO
Billy Blythin - PASCO
Pat Loveday - PASCO
Luke Spicer - On Call Manager
Liam Coleby - On Call Manager