Art in the Curriculum.

Teaching and Learning:

Art is taught in Year 7 and 8 for one hour per week. In Year 9 students can opt to begin their GCSE course in Art. Across both key stages we offer a broad and diverse curriculum where students learn and experience a range of 2D and 3D art forms. Techniques explored include drawing, painting, printing, collage, mixed media and sculpture. Students develop artwork which responds to a range of starting points, working from a variety of cultural contexts and backgrounds. Students are required to have an understanding of a range of artists, designers and craftspeople from both past and present. We promote the use of literacy and ICT in order for students to fully research topics and to evaluate their artwork and the work of others.
The Creative subjects require commitment and dedication, students are passionate about their artwork and we encourage them to continue to develop skills within extracurricular clubs and at home. Students are able to build skills which can help them to develop across other subject areas and beyond Hamilton. These include risk taking, self-expression and experimentation. Students are able to build their confidence and challenge themselves; developing skills which will be with them for life. Many employees seek qualifications in Art and Design as students have discipline, confidence and can accept criticism.
Within the Art Faculty we strive to establish a safe, secure and friendly environment for learning which inspires students to become independent and confident learners. We promote fair and disciplined learning which develops mutual respect and encourages high expectations.

At Key Stage 3 pupils follow the National Curriculum programmes of study

At Key Stage 4 pupils prepare for the AQA GCSE in Art and Design

Curriculum Plans

  • Scheme of work can be accessed below: